DataQuest works closely with our clients to help make sure you have the employment screening information and tools you need to do your job and to help you meet legal requirements.

As a CRA, DataQuest is regulated by the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), as well as state laws, rules and regulations with regards to obtaining and reporting information. You as an employer are also regulated by the FCRA, if you use CRAs such as DataQuest, for your employment screening.

Complimentary Forms/Templates/Notices

DataQuest can also provide our clients with numerous forms, templates, and notices to help with compliance requirements. Many employers do not know or understand all of their obligations under the FCRA, but we can help with that.

The following is a partial list of forms/templates/notices:

  • Applicant Disclosure and Authorizations forms
  • FCRA Summary of Rights
  • Notice to Users of Consumer Reports
  • Pre-Adverse Action Letter template sample
  • Adverse Action Letter template sample
  • Notice to CA Applicants
  • NY Correction Law Article 23-A
  • Other applicable forms/notices

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